Diwali, the day when every part of our house is lit with lamps and we make sure no corner of our surrounding has a tint of dust or dirt. The best clothes are worn, the best of sweets are made and the sky is lit with crackers. The sound of crackers, the smell of good food, the happiness in the eyes of little ones for getting a day off from studies and the glitter on the face of old parents who waits eagerly for our arrival. Deepawali has a distinct fragrance in itself. With Diwali comes a sweet smell of winters in the air, the fragrance of beautiful flowers, the smell of the burning oil lamps make Diwali an attachment, a beautiful feeling that you want to return to every year.

Time passes by and with time changes our priorities. With age, the festivities become just another day off from work. We try to recreate the festivity but the aura of Deepawali fades a little every year. Money may give us the power to purchase as many crackers as we want but it takes away the excitement that buying it from little pocket money used to give. The simplicity of pleading Dad to buy another packet of rocket or stealing sweets from Mom’s kitchen that was strictly made for guest had a charm that no expensive sweet shop or fancy cracker market can give.

Time has changed, oil lamps have been replaced by fancy fairy lights, homemade sweets has been replaced by home-delivered sweets, meeting friends and celebrating the festival together has mostly been replaced mostly by online greetings. But then, amidst all the deadlines, tight schedules, work commitments and modernizations, the festival has managed to keep its essence alive.

Having said that, my heart gets really sad on the day of Deepawali, it searches for the festive vibe that I know can never come back,  so I decided to go to some far off place, away from all the glitters and hype or the convention.

This time I decided to explore Vattavada, the land of strawberries. It is a  small village in Kerala. Best part being, you need to cross a dense forest to reach this isolated place. There were small little celebrations but nothing compared to the metro city hype.

It was just another winter evening with a cool breeze blowing and some forest birds chirping here and there. The weather was so beautiful, that I couldn’t stop but go out for a walk. The darkness and silence were making it difficult to believe that it was a festive night. But then some real magic happened. I guess universe was not ready to accept the fact that I was not celebrating Diwali

I could hear some soft humming sound around me and something magical caught my eyes.No it was neither crackers nor fairy lights they were real fairies with light. The little fireflies

Not just one or two, they were thousands of them hovering around the place. Within no time the place was lit so beautifully. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My excitement had no bound. I suddenly felt like a kid running around those little souls. The same excitement that  I used to feel on seeing my dad come home with a packet full of crackers on a Diwali evening.

This thought passed my mind and I just froze, so many memories passed my mind and I was just still. I stood at a place just gazing at those fireflies. Slowly I felt like they are welcoming me to their family. A sense of joy surrounded me as they started playing around me. They were all around me. Some on my hair, some on my shoulders and some on my fingertips. I felt a beautiful sense of calm from within. I guess even they wanted me to join their Deepawali celebration. They made me one of them.

 It felt every element of nature was celebrating Diwali in their own way. These little creatures brought back the long-lost childhood vibe of Diwali back. I had almost spent an hour on that new moon night with these fireflies without any track of time. But then came the time when I had to return back. I started to walk back to my hotel but my mind was still with those fireflies.

In such a little while, they taught me so much about life and living. They made me realize that life itself is the biggest celebration. These little creatures do not need jazzy clothes, expensive ornaments or even a reason that comes once a year to celebrate. Every evening is a Deepawali for them. The moment the Sun is down, it’s their time of celebration. Whatever they have might be very little yet they its unique and they know to appreciate themselves. Everyone is gifted in some unique way or the other. If we realize it and start appreciation that uniqueness, life itself would be a celebration.

This piece of writing was there with me for a long time. It was written on some  Deepawali night when life was harsh on me, eventually, life has made up to me in more ways than one, so no regrets at all. But I couldn’t find a better day to share this moment with you. Hope you like it. Do tell me about some unique thoughts or experiences that may have crossed your mind. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love to all the wonderful readers of my Storyovens family. Thank you for showing so much love and support.

Please do come back to enjoy and be a part of this never-ending journey to explore the meaning of life.

Have a happy and safe Deepawali. Sending you lots of good wished and positive vibes.

Lots of Love!

Your very own

Banjara Girl!

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