Hi Friend,

I am your hostel speaking, hope this letter finds you in good health. Now that you are living happily in some posh part of the world, I don’t think you remember me anymore. I still remember the first day you entered the hostel with a small luggage and lot of dreams in your eyes. Initially, you hated me.

The small bed, shared washroom, bad food, no privacy – made your life even more messed up than it already was. Coping up with a new city, staying away from parents, being in a new place all by yourself was petrifying. You were happy to be independent but part of you was sad that your roots were falling apart. I could see a vulnerable child in you.



Time passed by, you started getting close to your new roommates. Early morning fights for washrooms, celebrating each other’s birthday, washing clothes, bitching about colleagues, eating tasteless hostel food with homemade pickles. These small little things slowly made those unknown souls from different parts of the country your new family. I was relieved to know that I could give you the comfort of a home even without any luxuries. “I became your new local address”.



You even started missing me and your roommates when you were on vacation in your hometown. You had terrible fights with your mates for petty reasons but never hesitated to be a strong pillar of support when required.

 It made me so happy to see you clean me like your own house. Even I felt the joy of festivity when you decorated the windows with lights on Diwali or Christmas. You playing with colours during Holi not only drenched my walls but my heart as well.



Your late night chats, you trying to find privacy in nooks and corners,  long-distance relationship, homesickness, infatuations, breakups, exam preparations, online shopping, job promotions – I have witnessed almost everything.

I realised you have slowly started liking me but I always knew someday I need to let you go. And yes, the day had finally arrived. You were now strong and established to face the world and deal with it on your own terms.



Your place was filled by another fresher just like your 6 years previous self. Nervous, immature and intimidated. I am like a womb to protect and nurture the embryo, and once its ready to face the world, I have to let it go. Every new entry in the hostel feels like a breath of fresh air to me and every exit is heartbreaking but a new ray of hope to the world.

I feel sad when you leave because I know you will never come back. That’s life and I cannot complain. I feel proud that at least I could be a part of your journey to self-discovery.

My best wishes are there with you, stay blessed and keep dreaming and keep on conquering those dreams!


With lots of love

Your Hostel!


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