Bikers are minimalistic, passionate yet rustic. We embrace the beauty of nature along with the dust and dirt. The life we lead is adventurous, extremely tough and highly emotional. Come have a sneak pic of the real life of a biker and if you are a biker yourself or an aspiring one then hop along for some fun!

You rediscover yourself on your bike

I feel lively when I hit the roads on those two wheels. Being caged in my house address for long makes me feel home sick. I feel alive when the breeze of the sea hits me. Talking for hours to the sky comes naturally to me but awkwardness  hits me badly in a party or get-together. I discover myself the most when I am alone and one with nature, but lost in a house full of people.

The rhythm of a biker’s heart resonates with the nature

My mind is way more settled in the most unsettled terrains of rustic nature. Yes that me, a guy in continues search of the rhythm of life. The rhythm created by the friction of bike wheels against the highway. The sound of dry leaves falling from the tree. The sound of the waves breaking against the seashore, The chirping of birds early in the morning. The rhythm of my heart resonates with these rhythms of nature. I feel accomplished when I see the sun waving goodbye while disappearing on the other side of the sea. I just stand on the other side, staring at his beauty with a hope that I don’t miss a single moment of the serenity and vibe.

The journey is more important than the destination for a biker

I want to explore sunset from every beach on earth and not miss a single sunrise from any mountain ranges that nature has created. Every sunrise feels like an opportune to make each day count. Every sunset is an award for my efforts. I am not born to conquer anything. Nature is too magnanimous to be conquered. All materialistic pleasures are too insignificant in front of the adrenaline rush that you get from exploring nature. I am born to be one with nature, my desire is to be nurtured by the beauty of this universe.

Bikers are not different, they are just a bit closer to nature

Life is like a boat to be used for the voyage called living. Every voyage is unique, and every boat is different. It is up to you to choose your boat and curate your voyage. I am no different from anyone else nor do I want to be different. I have no desire to be a leader nor am I going to be a follower. The goal of life is quite simple, it is just to continue my journey of travel and never go away from the connections I have with the elements of nature. My travel and the desire to travel should end with the end of the rhythm of my heartbeat. My soul would still resonate with nature once my body is gone.

I know someday my journey will end with may be no big bank balance or fancy cars but the flag on my boat of life would fly high with the word HAPPINESS engraved and glittering when I am on the final sunset of the cycle of lifeThis is the life of Raghunandan, a traveller who cannot think of his life without his bike. Do follow him on Instagram and face book for some wonderful travel experiences and some helpful tip on biking or road trips.

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