Only if books could speak

Only if books could speak

Dear reader!

Hope you remember us. We are the books that you picked up at some point in your life from bookstores, libraries, footpaths and given a shelter at a corner of your house. We have seen you go through different phases of life. We have witnessed a time in your life where thoughts of adjusting to a new environment were exciting and daunting at the same time. Back then your future was uncertain but your self-confidence was rock solid.

We were best of friends back then!

Being away from home, adjusting to office culture, sharing room with unknown people of the hostel and coping with the series of sudden changes was a scary task. In those days we were your only friends. You used to spend hours together just flipping through us, reading your favorite portions over and over again.



You would even take us to the office. I have seen you survive the training period when you could hardly figure out, how to accept the transition to adulthood. You would eagerly wait to come back to your hostel, wrap yourself in a blanket and try to be lost in your childhood memories through us. We could feel the warmth of your fingers. Sometimes we used to make you laugh and sometimes we made you so emotional that you couldn’t stop your tears. The tears in your eyes would drench us with emotions as well. Weekends were fun! You rarely used to go out with people. You loved chilling with us the most. Be it the rooftop of your hostel, a coffee shop or the corner seat of a park. You just needed one of us with a cup of chai and our weekend was set!


Then Life Happened!

Slowly you started getting busy with life. Long working hours, weekend parties, new friends, shopping and things like that slowly started intruding into our space. Though your time with us was decreasing, you made sure we had company. Every month you got new books and our friend circle started increasing. You also made sure you meet and chill with us every alternate Sundays but the time was mostly spent dusting us rather than reading. 

Time changes and you made an identity of yourself in the new city. Fascinating job, happening weekend, handsome salary, client meetings, city traffic and work pressure started getting you all overwhelmed. 

We still remember back in school days how you used to hide us inside your big textbooks to be saved from boring lectures. You used to spend hours searching for a second-hand copy in book market as you couldn’t afford the new one. We miss those days. Though we are very happy with your achievements. To see you evolve over the years make us proud.

You have moved out of your hostel and got a new home for yourself. Now we no more had to be wrapped with newspapers and laid on the dirty hostel floors. You got us a brand new wooden shelf. We are glad we made it to your new space. Many a time we have heard people asking you to sell us to the vendor as you have no time to come to us now but you never gave up on us.

Do you remember how you used to write your name on the 1st page and make innovative bookmarks for us? We must say the cellophane papers that you wrapped around us were quite suffocating but we didn’t mind it. It was your way of showing us your love and it made us feel very special.

We know that you still love us

You know what we like the most about you? You have matured over the years but some emotions are still so strong between us.  We remember how you used to fight with your mother when she gave us to someone to read even if it was for few days. You hated it if anyone folded pages instead of using bookmarks.

Nothing has changed since then. You still get angry if someone wants to take us with them or hurts us by folding pages. Your concern and possessiveness melt our heart. We feel so happy to know that you are still so possessive about each one of us.

Come meet your childhood self once a while

Now you do not need us to put you to sleep. You are so tired by the end of the day, and little time that you get is taken away by your phone. Not that we are complaining but we miss you. Nowadays the only touch we feel is the thrashing of your duster cleaning the dust on us. Our ears are waiting eagerly to hear the sound of your fingers turning the pages. We want to feel the warmth of your touch. It has been quite a long time that we saw the excitement in your eyes while starting a new story and at the end of the story, just holding us tightly to your heart and smile with contentment.

We are all waiting in your bookshelf. Please try making some free time from your demanding schedule to be with us like good old days and meet your childhood self. Your childhood is kept with a lot of care in between the pages!

Love you!

Your friends from the bookshelf


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Seeing the world from a biker’s perspective

Seeing the world from a biker’s perspective

Bikers are minimalistic, passionate yet rustic. We embrace the beauty of nature along with the dust and dirt. The life we lead is adventurous, extremely tough and highly emotional. Come have a sneak pic of the real life of a biker and if you are a biker yourself or an aspiring one then hop along for some fun!

You rediscover yourself on your bike

I feel lively when I hit the roads on those two wheels. Being caged in my house address for long makes me feel home sick. I feel alive when the breeze of the sea hits me. Talking for hours to the sky comes naturally to me but awkwardness  hits me badly in a party or get-together. I discover myself the most when I am alone and one with nature, but lost in a house full of people.

The rhythm of a biker’s heart resonates with the nature

My mind is way more settled in the most unsettled terrains of rustic nature. Yes that me, a guy in continues search of the rhythm of life. The rhythm created by the friction of bike wheels against the highway. The sound of dry leaves falling from the tree. The sound of the waves breaking against the seashore, The chirping of birds early in the morning. The rhythm of my heart resonates with these rhythms of nature. I feel accomplished when I see the sun waving goodbye while disappearing on the other side of the sea. I just stand on the other side, staring at his beauty with a hope that I don’t miss a single moment of the serenity and vibe.

The journey is more important than the destination for a biker

I want to explore sunset from every beach on earth and not miss a single sunrise from any mountain ranges that nature has created. Every sunrise feels like an opportune to make each day count. Every sunset is an award for my efforts. I am not born to conquer anything. Nature is too magnanimous to be conquered. All materialistic pleasures are too insignificant in front of the adrenaline rush that you get from exploring nature. I am born to be one with nature, my desire is to be nurtured by the beauty of this universe.

Bikers are not different, they are just a bit closer to nature

Life is like a boat to be used for the voyage called living. Every voyage is unique, and every boat is different. It is up to you to choose your boat and curate your voyage. I am no different from anyone else nor do I want to be different. I have no desire to be a leader nor am I going to be a follower. The goal of life is quite simple, it is just to continue my journey of travel and never go away from the connections I have with the elements of nature. My travel and the desire to travel should end with the end of the rhythm of my heartbeat. My soul would still resonate with nature once my body is gone.

I know someday my journey will end with may be no big bank balance or fancy cars but the flag on my boat of life would fly high with the word HAPPINESS engraved and glittering when I am on the final sunset of the cycle of lifeThis is the life of Raghunandan, a traveller who cannot think of his life without his bike. Do follow him on Instagram and face book for some wonderful travel experiences and some helpful tip on biking or road trips.

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Relations beyond generations

Relations beyond generations

When a man in his late 80’s come to pick you from the airport every time you visit your home town, you are reassured that you are being loved. Yes, grandparents are not just relations, they are relations beyond generations.

I feel very fortunate to have the love and care of this man. He is a man of very few words but he is the most caring and loving soul on earth. There has never been a celebration nor a festival where he has not missed me. Not that he is vocal about it but I can feel that he misses me. A man born in pre-independent India in quite a wealthy family, who has seen the dawn of Independence, traveled the entire Indian map and seen the country divided into different provinces with his own eyes. He is a wealth of information when it comes to Indian history. He can make the historic scene come alive in front of your eyes with his detailed description of British rule.

Now you know why you are such a travel freak

I wait eagerly to sit with him and listen to those stories.It’s him who first gave me the idea of what it actually feels to travel.  To look at him while he describes his experiences is so fulfilling. His eyes have a twinkle while he talks.It feels like he is actually traveling alone with you. He takes you to the world of ancient times, and sometimes it’s so in-depth that when you actually travel to those destinations it feels like it’s your 2nd visit.

You can never grow up for them

Now he is aging and so am I. He is mentally and physically weakening but there is something that will never change, that’s the bond we share. This bond will never age. The understanding we have will never grow old. Or else how can you explain the fact that me being a girl in her 30’s still get excited on the eve of 25th Dec when he called me to say that Santa-clause has sent me Christmas gifts in socks which he had hanged on the window. Yes, he never forgets to send me Christmas gifts. I forget his birthday but he never forgets to send me pocket money.

Your bond cannot be explained in words

I guess some relations exist to retain the purity of mankind. His love for me can never be measured or judged. We do not talk to each other much, nor do we share our problems with each other but we know our place in each other’s life is irreplaceable. It’s quite cliche to say that I love him a lot or miss him when I am away from Kolkata but honestly my desire to come back to Kolkata time an again would be not even half as interesting if he was not there.

It’s time for thanking our grandparents for giving us un-conditional love and support right from birth. I do not know if we deserved so much affection but we can’t thank the universe enough for gifting us the best friend in the form of a handsome white-haired old man whose heart is younger and smarter than most of the kids of this young generation. They really have the power to bridge all gaps of age, generation or time with just a smile.

Please tell me about your equation with the elder generations in the comment section below

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Maggie and Mountains

Maggie and Mountains

Terrace and Tea, Cold and coffee, Stress and Smoke, Bed and Books they share not just the initials but  have created some unforgettable memories of our life. At times it’s the need of the hour and sometimes just a comfort of our demanding schedule. But heard of Maggie & Mountains? It is hands down the most comforting combo. If you have little clue of what I am saying, get ready for an emotional rollercoaster.

Lets explore comfort of tough terrains

Imagine, you are covered with multiple layers of clothes, your nose dry af, eyes watering, you can even hear the your teeth chatter.But you don’t care. Your worries, ego, anxiety everything feels so insignificant in front of this massive stretch of mountains. The freshness of the breeze purifying all the unnecessary toxins that you have gathered over. Life seems so simple easy and light. You can literally feel your soul unleashing itself making you feel like a bird. You feel so accomplished that you are ready to embrace any level of so called physical discomfort.

Little care is just what you need

This was on my way to visit The Nathula pass. The scenery outside the car’s window was beautiful. The cool breezy weather, the freshness in the air, the floating clouds and the narrow hill roads took me to a beautiful state of mind.The driver broke my chain of thoughts as he turned and asked

“Madam, we will take a short break here, you can have some refreshments here.”

There was a small family-run shop. I ordered a cup of tea and sat at a distance just gazing at the mountains. I felt a sense of accomplishment that I could finally make it to the mountains all by myself.I noticed a little girl walking towards me with a cup of hot tea and a steamy bowl of Maggie noodles.

energy booster

I was surprised as I didn’t order for it. She sat beside me and insisted me to have that Maggie. Initially I resisted but couldn’t say no when she started feeding me. I was so moved to tears by her gesture. She started talking to me about her puppies, her love for noodles and her best friend in school. It felt like she knew me for ages.

She noticed my watery eyes and wiped my tears with her little hands. The innocent soul thought spicy noodles made me cry. She ran and got me two candies. I couldn’t hold myself back and gave her a tight hug.


The driver honked. “Time to go!”.I cleared the bill, wave goodbye to the little angel and sat inside the car. My journey continued. We never met again but her thoughts never faded away.

That day I realised, simplicity and innocence are the only treasures of life. These treasures are within us. Travel just gives us a chance to meet our true self and value those treasures.


Memories- the priceless treasure!

I also realised Maggie for people in the mountains are a means to livelihood. It’s a huge source of income for them.It’s a life saver for travelers. It’s a beautiful opportunity to strike of conversations with fellow travelers with whom you meet while you taking rest in-between your breathtaking journey to explore the unexplored. You exchange your travel experience and gain a lot of information from them.And of course, you get to talk to the native people and if lucky get an opportunity to sneak into their day to day life.


Every time you decide to take a pitstop for some maggie, you end up making some unforgettable memories that stays with you all your life.

That was my story of Maggie and Mountains! Do share with me your story  in the comment section below.

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Lots of love!