Coorg is a very popular weekend destination for anyone living or working in Bangalore. The place is famous for its weather, natural habitat and of course coffee. The equanimity of the place, the pleasant weather, the cute homestays in lavish coffee estates, the aroma of coffee during blooms are undoubtedly the reason to attract a lot of travelers to Kodava district. But Coorg has a lot more to offer especially on the table.

Specialty of Coorg

Coorgies are mostly a warrior clan, which has a lot of influence in their cuisine.They are meat lovers and prefer using locally grown spices.Their language, rituals, dressing sense and the food is quite different from other parts of Karnataka. You will witness the predominant use of local spices like cardamom, pepper, Kachampuli( local vinegar) and Parangali Malu ( bird’s eye chili) in their cooking.Not just food, Coorgies are quite famous for their Homemade wines and Bella Coffee( coffee with jaggery) as well.


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Pandi Curry – ( Coorgie pork Curry)

Coorgies are the ultimate pro when it comes to pork. The small tender pieces of pork cooked to perfection in a dark gravy of local spices. The flavors of spices are quite rich but the taste is balanced with the kachampuli (local vinegar). Their dish is nothing close to any pork curry I had eaten before.

Koli Curry- ( Chicken curry)

If you are not a pork lover, you can try the Koli curry. The taste is not even close to Pundi curry but the use of coconut, curry leaves along with local spices make the dish quite tasty.


Baimballe Curry-( Bamboo shoot curry)

Bamboo shoot is one of the locally found vegetables that has found a primary place in Coorg cuisine. Its a mildly flavored yet a very tasty vegetarian dish.

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Kaddumbuttu – (Rice balls)

Kaddumbuttus are little steamed white balls made with rice flour. They are popularly served with Pandi Curry.

Bella coffee- (Jaggery Coffee)

Coorg is one of the biggest coffee cultivators in India. You can breathe in the aroma of coffee in the air all throughout your journey. Especially if you visit Coorg in the season of blooms. Kodavas are not just proud of the quality of their coffee but the unique way of preparation. It is the jaggery that brings out the real taste of coffee making it different from other refreshments.

Homemade wine

Coorgies take pride in their Wine. Most houses in Coorg make their own wine from natural ingredients like pineapple, passionfruit, apple, ginger, grapes and many other fruits. The mildly fermented wine is something you should never miss at any cost. Try tasting these wine and am sure you will want to bring a few bottles back home.

This was my gastronomic tour to Coorg. Try these on your next trip to Coorg and let me know if I missed any special dish in the comment section below.

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