Dear reader!

Hope you remember us. We are the books that you picked up at some point in your life from bookstores, libraries, footpaths and given a shelter at a corner of your house. We have seen you go through different phases of life. We have witnessed a time in your life where thoughts of adjusting to a new environment were exciting and daunting at the same time. Back then your future was uncertain but your self-confidence was rock solid.

We were best of friends back then!

Being away from home, adjusting to office culture, sharing room with unknown people of the hostel and coping with the series of sudden changes was a scary task. In those days we were your only friends. You used to spend hours together just flipping through us, reading your favorite portions over and over again.



You would even take us to the office. I have seen you survive the training period when you could hardly figure out, how to accept the transition to adulthood. You would eagerly wait to come back to your hostel, wrap yourself in a blanket and try to be lost in your childhood memories through us. We could feel the warmth of your fingers. Sometimes we used to make you laugh and sometimes we made you so emotional that you couldn’t stop your tears. The tears in your eyes would drench us with emotions as well. Weekends were fun! You rarely used to go out with people. You loved chilling with us the most. Be it the rooftop of your hostel, a coffee shop or the corner seat of a park. You just needed one of us with a cup of chai and our weekend was set!


Then Life Happened!

Slowly you started getting busy with life. Long working hours, weekend parties, new friends, shopping and things like that slowly started intruding into our space. Though your time with us was decreasing, you made sure we had company. Every month you got new books and our friend circle started increasing. You also made sure you meet and chill with us every alternate Sundays but the time was mostly spent dusting us rather than reading. 

Time changes and you made an identity of yourself in the new city. Fascinating job, happening weekend, handsome salary, client meetings, city traffic and work pressure started getting you all overwhelmed. 

We still remember back in school days how you used to hide us inside your big textbooks to be saved from boring lectures. You used to spend hours searching for a second-hand copy in book market as you couldn’t afford the new one. We miss those days. Though we are very happy with your achievements. To see you evolve over the years make us proud.

You have moved out of your hostel and got a new home for yourself. Now we no more had to be wrapped with newspapers and laid on the dirty hostel floors. You got us a brand new wooden shelf. We are glad we made it to your new space. Many a time we have heard people asking you to sell us to the vendor as you have no time to come to us now but you never gave up on us.

Do you remember how you used to write your name on the 1st page and make innovative bookmarks for us? We must say the cellophane papers that you wrapped around us were quite suffocating but we didn’t mind it. It was your way of showing us your love and it made us feel very special.

We know that you still love us

You know what we like the most about you? You have matured over the years but some emotions are still so strong between us.  We remember how you used to fight with your mother when she gave us to someone to read even if it was for few days. You hated it if anyone folded pages instead of using bookmarks.

Nothing has changed since then. You still get angry if someone wants to take us with them or hurts us by folding pages. Your concern and possessiveness melt our heart. We feel so happy to know that you are still so possessive about each one of us.

Come meet your childhood self once a while

Now you do not need us to put you to sleep. You are so tired by the end of the day, and little time that you get is taken away by your phone. Not that we are complaining but we miss you. Nowadays the only touch we feel is the thrashing of your duster cleaning the dust on us. Our ears are waiting eagerly to hear the sound of your fingers turning the pages. We want to feel the warmth of your touch. It has been quite a long time that we saw the excitement in your eyes while starting a new story and at the end of the story, just holding us tightly to your heart and smile with contentment.

We are all waiting in your bookshelf. Please try making some free time from your demanding schedule to be with us like good old days and meet your childhood self. Your childhood is kept with a lot of care in between the pages!

Love you!

Your friends from the bookshelf


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