When a man in his late 80’s come to pick you from the airport every time you visit your home town, you are reassured that you are being loved. Yes, grandparents are not just relations, they are relations beyond generations.

I feel very fortunate to have the love and care of this man. He is a man of very few words but he is the most caring and loving soul on earth. There has never been a celebration nor a festival where he has not missed me. Not that he is vocal about it but I can feel that he misses me. A man born in pre-independent India in quite a wealthy family, who has seen the dawn of Independence, traveled the entire Indian map and seen the country divided into different provinces with his own eyes. He is a wealth of information when it comes to Indian history. He can make the historic scene come alive in front of your eyes with his detailed description of British rule.

Now you know why you are such a travel freak

I wait eagerly to sit with him and listen to those stories.It’s him who first gave me the idea of what it actually feels to travel.  To look at him while he describes his experiences is so fulfilling. His eyes have a twinkle while he talks.It feels like he is actually traveling alone with you. He takes you to the world of ancient times, and sometimes it’s so in-depth that when you actually travel to those destinations it feels like it’s your 2nd visit.

You can never grow up for them

Now he is aging and so am I. He is mentally and physically weakening but there is something that will never change, that’s the bond we share. This bond will never age. The understanding we have will never grow old. Or else how can you explain the fact that me being a girl in her 30’s still get excited on the eve of 25th Dec when he called me to say that Santa-clause has sent me Christmas gifts in socks which he had hanged on the window. Yes, he never forgets to send me Christmas gifts. I forget his birthday but he never forgets to send me pocket money.

Your bond cannot be explained in words

I guess some relations exist to retain the purity of mankind. His love for me can never be measured or judged. We do not talk to each other much, nor do we share our problems with each other but we know our place in each other’s life is irreplaceable. It’s quite cliche to say that I love him a lot or miss him when I am away from Kolkata but honestly my desire to come back to Kolkata time an again would be not even half as interesting if he was not there.

It’s time for thanking our grandparents for giving us un-conditional love and support right from birth. I do not know if we deserved so much affection but we can’t thank the universe enough for gifting us the best friend in the form of a handsome white-haired old man whose heart is younger and smarter than most of the kids of this young generation. They really have the power to bridge all gaps of age, generation or time with just a smile.

Please tell me about your equation with the elder generations in the comment section below

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