Sunday, the day when the entire world takes rest. The only day of the week most of us look forward to. These 24 hours are just dedicated to the love of your life. Be it a person, a hobby or just leisure. The worries, tension, and anxiety of the whole week come to a magical halt with the arrival of Sunday mornings. They are the sweet rewards for the pain and agony that we go through the whole week. It is actually more treasured than our hard earned monthly salaries.


Sunday comes with a blanket of comfort. It brings along the pleasure of not getting up with the irritating alarm clock. It comes with the privilege of enjoying the comforting view from your balcony with an extra cup of tea. Sunday is the day to unleash the real you that is otherwise trapped in the rat-race of society.


But what about the people who have no Sunday?

No Sundays? How is that even possible? Yes, there are people for whom Sunday is no different from any other day. Actually, you don’t have to go too far in search of these people.

Let’s find out!

Let’s start with the Mothers. Do they really have anything called Sunday? They always end up sacrificing their privilege of a lethargic Sunday morning so that we can enjoy ours. Their leisure starts much later as the afternoon sets in.  After everyone has had their breakfast and only if there is still sometime before the sumptuous Sunday lunch. This little time is when she gets to bask in the sun with her cup of chai and the newspaper.

Sunday market

We the 90’s kids are quite familiar with the famous Sunday shopping. Back in those days, the favorite morning activities of the father figure of the house were to go to the Market for some fresh vegetables, fruits or fish. Things have changed a lot over time. Local markets are now replaced by air-conditioned supermarkets. The only thing that remained constant is the busy schedules of the shopkeepers. Sunday for them is no pleasure. Rather it means a little more business than the weekdays.

“Madam if I start celebrating on a Sunday who will get the supply for your delicious Sunday Brunch” – said the fish vendor when I asked him if he had any special plans for the day.

Every day is a struggle for these people. Sunday sometimes comes with an additional burden of extra rush in the market. They might earn some extra bucks by the end of the day, but with a huge opportunity cost.

The Ultimate Bliss

Now comes an interesting set of people who has no Sunday but not for their demanding jobs. Neither do they sacrifice their Sunday to earn some extra profit. For them every day is Sunday.

On my trip to Varanasi, I was privileged to meet a few Sanyasis on the bank of River Ganges. Having a conversation with them made me realize, you do not need a special day if you enjoy what you do every day. These sadhus have the privilege to lead their life the way they want. So every day is Sunday for them. They never stop meditating, because they are never forced to meditate but they do it out of their love for meditation. They celebrate life not just once a week but every day.

Making the most of this day!

Not all of us are lucky to celebrate every day as a Sunday. But most of us are lucky to meet this day once a week. Sunday brings with it enough joy and positive energy to sustain us for another week. I guess this wait of 6 days makes Sunday even more special. This is the only day of the week that gives us a window to be a bit closer to our own self.

So, guys, this is your day, make the most out of it. Pick up that book that you bought but never got the time to read. Finish that unfinished painting that is lying at the corner of your room. Go out and click some awesome photographs that you dreamt of clicking. Cook a meal today and surprise your mom. Publish that article that is in your folder for a long time. Pack your bags and just go out to spend a day with nature. Go for that road trip you have been planning with friends since forever.

And to all the people out there who have to work on Sundays for some reason or the other, I just want to say you are doing a great job! It takes a lot of willpower to do such kind of sacrifice but just one message. Don’t neglect the time you have for yourself, that too is very precious!

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That’s a small Sunday gift to my readers. Hope you enjoyed reading it. I will be waiting for your comments. Have an awesome Sunday everyone and let me know how do you usually spend your Sundays!

Sending you lots of love!