Is a Banjara soul allowed to seek love? The same soul for whom attachment, love, compassion has no room. You must have always seen her in Zen mode. Nothing really affects her. She, who gets thrown into extremely difficult situations but rarely does she get consumed by them.

Form very early in life she had decided her problems can never define her. She tries not to have any strong emotions in life. Her emotions are always from a distance. Be it love, hate, smile or cry. She believes in Banjara life with nothing to get attached to. There is no other way of life known to her.

But now  I feel this Banjara girl is trying to find solace. She who was always overprotective about herself, has finally dropped all armors around her but what’s the outcome of such a drastic decision?

Heaven knows man. Honestly, I am quite scared, coz its the 1st time in life that she is missing company on a solo trip. Now, that’s unbelievable. Loneliness is her best friend, she is her soulmate, she has never needed anyone else in life to make her happy. She is badass.

It’s the 1st time she is so restlessly checking her phone every minute. Is there a call, a message or some sort of an indication that she is been missed? She opens the screen lock anxiously. An unread message brings an ear to ear smile on her face but no response makes her sad. Is this love? She asks herself. Is it even normal to get those butterflies in the stomach? It feels scary, immature and kiddish but she is loving every part of it. Maybe it was always there but she was too scared to acknowledge it.

She is here to share a message with all her lovely readers, who are scared to show their love for someone because they feel banjaras are not meant for love, or because you were not brought up in a loving happy family, or you like to have your own space or taking yourself self out on a date or a trip.

Do not be afraid to fall in love. Do not doubt yourself just because no one understands your way of life or love. Doesn’t make you less loving. You too can love, the love of your life with all honesty and passion. Simply because love is beyond any definition. So what, if you do not fall into the conventions of society.

So do not give up you solo trips just because you started loving someone. the time you spend with yourself, helps you unwind and retrospect. It works as a detox in life. Nor stop yourself from loving someone passionately because you feel you are ditching the lonely self that has been your first love who has been your sole support all through thick and thins of life. None of it is a sin.

So why punish yourself by choosing one over the other, when balancing is the key to life. So get lost to meet your true self, come back with all new positive vibes and spread it all around.

 It is possible to fall in love with the same person every day a little more without giving up on things that you love to do. So yes this Banjara girl loves her life, the love of her life and loves to be lost in her banjara life to find herself. Her love is increasing, intensifying and maturing over time by being a bit more immature every day!

So never ever sacrifice what you love, be it your work, your passion, your dreams for the love of your life. Neither let anything in life stop you from loving someone passionately. Coz it’s your life and high time you set your own rules rather than trying to set yourself according to societal norms.

That was your Banjara girl who has the immense passion to travel and loves her partner to the core. Let me know about your passion in life and how do you pursue that. If you want to know about my travelogue please join me as I take you for

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